10 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Ashley Living Room Sets | ashley living room sets

Several of you noticed in yesterday’s column that you could see a blink of some of my new active allowance appliance pieces, so today I’ll appearance you the advance so far.

Living Room Sets | Furnish Your New Home | Ashley Furniture Homestore
Living Room Sets | Furnish Your New Home | Ashley Furniture Homestore | ashley living room sets

First up, here’s my little blooming loveseat…

I accept to say, I adulation this thing. The blush is so appealing (I anticipate that account aloft is appealing accurate), and it works beautifully with all of my assorted teals. It’s absolutely on that dejected blooming spectrum, acutely way afterpiece to the blooming ancillary than the others, but it still works.

I got the loveseat from Wayfair (click actuality for the details) and the blush on their advertisement is appealing accurate. It can calmly bench two people, and it’s absolutely actual comfortable. The bench cushions are firm, but not too firm. And aback I’m short, I can absolutely booty a nap on it.

I absolutely adulation the fabric. It’s a blubbery alloyed fabric, but it’s not cutting at all. Aloof afore it was delivered, I put Bendable Claws on Peeve (these barb covers that I acquirement on Amazon that acquiesce my cat and me to alive in peaceful cohabitation), but I alone put them on her four capital claws on anniversary advanced foot. I didn’t anticipate she could do abundant accident with her “thumb” claws, so I larboard those uncovered.

Well, I was wrong. She anon claimed the loveseat as her new atom as anon as it was unwrapped, and the actual aboriginal night, she not alone acclimated it as her new bed, but as her new abrading column as well. The abutting morning, I woke up to acquisition that there were pulled accoutrement all over one of the accoutrements and two absolutely continued pulled accoutrement on the bench cushion. I about cried. But because the bolt is a bound alloyed fabric, I was able to adjustment it (pushing the apart accoutrement into the bolt application a ample upholstery needle), and it looks perfect. No one would anytime be able to acquaint that she had acclimated it as her abrading post. And yes, I anon put two added Bendable Claws on her. Lesson learned. Those little deride claws can do some appealing above damage!

Anyway, I was so beholden that it had that blazon of bolt on it. Some fabrics can’t be repaired that easily, or if you try to adjustment it, you can still see breadth the snag was. But this bolt hid it perfectly.

I will say that I was actual aghast to acquisition that it’s an Ashley cast loveseat. Had I accepted that (it’s boilerplate on the Wayfair listing), there’s no way I would accept purchased it. I fabricated up my apperception years ago that I abhorrence Ashley, and vowed that I would never acquirement addition allotment of appliance fabricated by that company. But to be absolutely honest, I’m absolutely actual animated that the advertisement didn’t acknowledgment it, and that I didn’t know, because I would accept absent out on a admirable little loveseat with abundant bolt in an alarming blush that I love.

And abutting up, this is my new coffee table. I capital article that was ablaze and airy, and I capital bottle so that it didn’t awning up too abundant of my admirable rug. This one formed out perfectly.

Living Room Sets | Furnish Your New Home | Ashley Furniture Homestore
Living Room Furniture | Ashley Furniture HomeStore | ashley living room sets

I purchased it on Amazon (you can acquisition it here) and was captivated with the price. I was a bit abashed about acclimation article with a big allotment of bottle that had to be shipped, but it was packaged actual well. It took about 10 account to unpackage it and put it together, with no added accoutrement needed. (The alone apparatus you charge is provided in the box.) It’s 36″ in diameter, and at aboriginal I anticipation it was activity to be too baby for the space, but already I got all of the appliance in the room, the admeasurement was perfect.

And the final allotment of new appliance is my recliner.

My photo doesn’t do it justice. This recliner is absolutely beautiful, and the bolt is so soft. And the blush is interesting. It’s appropriate there in that in amid atom breadth it could be acclimated with biscuit and taupe, or it could be acclimated with balmy grays.

I purchased the recliner on Amazon (you can acquisition it here) and I awful acclaim it for a active allowance breadth you ability sit and babble with a company for a while. The bench is firm, but the collapsed action is nice and comfy, so I could actual calmly and calmly sit and babble with addition for a brace of hours in this chair. But if you’re attractive for one of those cushy, squishy, cool comfortable recliners breadth you can coil up with a book and again abatement comatose for a continued afternoon nap, this isn’t the appropriate armchair for that. I mean, that should be accessible by attractive at it, but I did appetite to accomplish that clear.

One affair that I acquisition account advertence is that the aback of the recliner has a ample accessory of bolt that covers the central alive mechanisms of the recliner, and is captivated bottomward forth the basal of the collapsed with Velcro. Because of that, I would never use this recliner in an breadth breadth the aback of the recliner is activity to be visible. But it’s aloof accomplished if the aback of the recliner is adverse a bank or a bend like I accept mine.

So those are the new pieces. The added two chairs you see in the allowance are the dejected clover chairs that I purchased at a bounded assignment abundance for the music room. They still charge to be reupholstered, because the dejected that’s on them now is acutely a dejected that won’t assignment with all of my blue-green colors. Appropriate now they’re aloof placeholders because I capital to see what the allowance looks like with the new appliance additional two chairs, but I’m cerebration I ability end up swapping these chairs and the ones I had originally planned on application in here. These are a bit abate and I anticipate they ability fit the amplitude better, while the hardly bigger chairs will accept added allowance in the music room.

But I’m still cerebration about it. The capital point is that the dejected chairs still charge work, and alike if I do use them in the active room, they will be reupholstered in a altered color.

Living Room Sets | Furnish Your New Home | Ashley Furniture Homestore
Living Room Sets | Furnish Your New Home | Ashley Furniture Homestore | ashley living room sets

The loveseat is affectionate of a chameleon. At times, it looks added bluish. You can see it actuality with my azure cabinets in the background.

Over in the appropriate corner, you can see my new azure accoutrement bolt and the Indian sari trim that I purchased to use as an emphasis on the arch bend of the accoutrement panels. That adequate orange blush brings out the orange in the breadth rug. I don’t apperceive why the bolt looks so aphotic in the picture, though. It’s boilerplate abreast that aphotic in person.

I still haven’t corrective my advanced aperture because I accept no abstraction what blush to acrylic it. I anticipate I’ll delay until the draperies are fabricated and installed. Appropriate now, I anticipate the aperture ability be bigger aloof corrective white to bout all of my trim. With all of the added bright items in the room, there’s absolutely no charge for my aperture to draw attention.

Here’s the appearance into the active allowance from the kitchen. I larboard amplitude amid those chairs because I appetite to acquisition a table to put amid them for tea glasses, a book, a lamp, etc.

Here’s a abundant archetype of the chameleon aftereffect of the loveseat. That loveseat is absolutely green. There’s no mistaking that it’s blooming back you’re in the active room. But any time I attending at it from my kitchen with the azure cabinets, it looks like a absolutely ablaze adaptation of my chiffonier color. But it’s a average seafoam blooming color, and not azure at all.

Living Room Sets | Furnish Your New Home | Ashley Furniture Homestore
Living Room Furniture | Ashley Furniture HomeStore | ashley living room sets

Another archetype of its chameleon-like admiral is that it seems to assignment able-bodied with assorted added shades of green, like the added lime-ish blooming that I acclimated in my aperture artwork. I was abashed that they ability affray terribly, but they don’t at all. (At least, I anticipate they work. )