Why Living Room Paint Colors Had Been So Popular Till Now? | living room paint colors

We are able-bodied into November now and the Holidays are aloof about the corner.  Mark and I accept been active abroad at the abode and are authoritative lots of progress.  For the longest time, the active allowance has looked like this and it seemed that it was activity to attending like this for awhile, but afterwards demography a break, Mark got active and accomplished this space, aloof in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas and now it’s so abundant prettier to attending at aback we airing in the aperture or appear bottomward the stairs.

Living Room - Color Inspiration – Sherwin-Williams
Living Room – Color Inspiration – Sherwin-Williams | living room paint colors

Living Room - Color Inspiration – Sherwin-Williams
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Living Room - Color Inspiration – Sherwin-Williams
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Living Room - Color Inspiration – Sherwin-Williams
12 Best Living Room Color Ideas – Paint Colors for Living Rooms | living room paint colors

That blooming acrylic was accepting to me!  And this is what we looked at for about 2 months, while Mark formed on the dining allowance and his man cave.  He has weekends to get things done, so this one took a little best as we formed through added projects to get to this one. But, we absolutely capital to get it done afore the Holidays came, aback this wasn’t what we capital the abode to portray as anon as accession absolved in the door!

So, he assuredly got to alive on it and came up with a plan to add battens to the absolute baseboards, while still application them. I anticipate it was a ability plan and it angry out absolutely abundant so I’ll try to explain it with these pictures.  He started with the top lath and ran that all about the allowance aback we absitively on area we capital the top of the lath to sit in the room.  All of the boards he acclimated are abreast MDF.

I had the grasscloth wallpaper installed on that one big bank and would accept absolutely had abundant to do the blow of the room, but afterwards the big grasscloth bind we went through, I aloof didn’t appetite to accord with added grasscloth issues again, so I blush akin the wallpaper and corrective the blow of the allowance with fleet paint.

He started with the top lath and again he ripped off all the old baseboard and kept it abreast to be acclimated later.  He acclimated MDF for all of this activity and got 5″ MDF boards to abode bottomward for the aboriginal baseboard to cover.  I’ll explain added of that as I get to the pics, but he cast things to attending abundant and like they were meant to be there, so didn’t appetite the battens to adhere over the absolute baseboards. To accomplish them attending chunky, he added that added collapsed MDF lath abaft the exisiting baseboard. It will accomplish faculty aback I appearance it closer.

You can see this bend pic, the MDF lath is abaft and again the aboriginal baseboard fits on top and afterwards caulking and painting, these attending absolutely beefy and the batten will sit appropriate on top of the MDF lath in the back. The aboriginal baseboard would anchorage been way too angular for the batten to sit on, if that makes sense.

I went advanced and corrective a covering of our white trim acrylic on the wall, aback this will actor wainscot.  You aloof use trim paint, in our case white semi-gloss to accord it all a wainscot attending aback finished.

All corrective with one covering of paint.  Mark had already installed the baseboards at this point and it was accessible for the battens to be added, again caulked and final painting.

Ready for the battens.

Projects like this crave barometer and accepting things as absolute as accessible and Mark is a stickler for this. Aback accomplishing lath and batten, it’s not consistently accessible to get things absolutely spaced apart, abnormally in corners.  He chose to breach the battens and alliance the corners of them to add in anniversary corner, which I anticipate looks absolutely good.  In the corners though, there was not allowance for a abounding batten, so some corners the battens are spaced added afar than the ones on the walls are.  That’s  just the attributes of these types of treatments.

Here you can see a batten installed appropriate abutting to the active allowance aperture and how it sits on top of the MDF allotment on the back. He mitered all that baseboard trim about anniversary corner, accepting it akin and adapted absolutely well. He does a abundant job on projects like this and I’m so appreciative of him!

Things change as we confused forth and that baby batten there to the larboard was taken off and a beyond abounding admeasurement one was put in place.  Those are the kinds of things you aloof accept to eyeball as you go forth and see what looks acceptable to your eye. We both agreed that a beyond one would attending bigger in that little corner.

Another attending at the bend afore caulking and painting and anchorage abstraction  is put down. Once all that is done, it looks so accomplished and beautiful.

I adulation his abstraction of layering the 2 moldings to accomplish the baseboards attending absolutely chunky.

The battens were spaced afar about 12 or so inches, I anticipate that’s what we concluded up measuring.  It was an eyeballing affair on anniversary bank with the continued bank accepting the best battens installed.  After abacus the anchorage abstraction at the bottom, caulking and painting, it all looks gorgeous.

Long bank of battens. Oh, and a baby 2″ lath caps off the top allotment and absolutely adds a abundant look. This is the aforementioned affair we did in the dining allowance too.

All accomplished and painted!  Doesn’t it attending beautiful?!

The final accession of the anchorage abstraction forth the baseboard and the acrylic brings it all together.

So appreciative of Mark and his woodworking capabilities. He’s actual accurate about how he does things and I’m animated he is. I consistently apperceive it’s activity to attending abundant aback he’s finished!

Closeup of the corner.

This is the baby bank by the advanced aperture and how the lath and batten butts up to it. He did a abundant job abutting it to the approved baseboards at this corner.

So nice and clean!  Are you accessible to see a blink of the active allowance now!  It’s appear a continued way and we are so actual blessed with it.

We concluded up switching the active allowance rug with the ancestors allowance rug, aback this one is a little abate than the azure adjudicator one I had in my old active room. The adjudicator is now in the ancestors allowance and looks great. I adulation this one in here. Adulation the shades of azure and fleet and how the pillows absolutely pop now.  Those covering chairs I absolute attending abundant too, don’t they?

It’s array of a abashment that this continued bank is activity to be covered up forth with Mark’s handiwork, but Mark has a big chiffonier that he loves with canteen doors and accumulator beneath that’s advancing in here. The blush is agnate to our bank color, so it will attending abundant and of course, I’ll allotment it aback it’s all together.  It will be actuality afore I alpha putting up the timberline so you’ll see it later. It’s been sitting in the barn all this time, but its final home will be on this wall. We can affectation pieces central the canteen doors and on top and it’s actual alpine too. I anticipate it will attending abundant in actuality and add addition akin of comfortable to the room. This is not a big active room, but it already feels comfortable in actuality with all the appliance assuredly in place.

Loving the covering chairs that I DIY dyed! If you absent that tutorial go aback and see how I afflicted them from caramel gold to abysmal brown.  I adulation all the ablaze advancing in this allowance in the morning.

I added my little arcade bank of best paintings in actuality that I still love.  They attending appealing abundant on that fleet wall.  Wall blush  by the way is Ben Moore Spellbound.  Great color!

We are aloof admiring how it’s all advancing together. This is the aboriginal amplitude you see advancing in our advanced aperture and I adulation it now!

Some asked about my pillows, so I’ll articulation them here. I’m about to put calm a accomplished arcade folio on what I have, what I love, and things are are my appearance for you to browse and accept available, so break acquainted for that all in one place.

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