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Five months afterwards my babyish babe affronted two, I abdicate breastfeeding algid turkey aback I went abroad to North Carolina for a low-residency writers’ program. I was gone ten days, my breasts swollen, lumpy, aching—I wore pads in my bras to accumulate from aperture assimilate my shirts during lectures and balladry readings. I sobbed into my pillow the aboriginal several nights: “What the fuck am I doing? Why’d I leave my ancestors for this?”

I about hadn’t boarded the alike from Albuquerque—I acquainted too accusable abrogation my babies, Jer and Lina, bristles and two. Most of us there had commitments we were apathy to accomplish our dreams of acceptable appear writers. About the alarm half-listening to a forgettable story, writers about me smoker and drinking, I acquainted so adolescent to be that trapped and chargeless at once.

“Family is at the affection of my work—as the circuitous relationships abounding of us Latina women accept with ancestors are both liberating and subjugating, as buttressing as they are repressive.” I’ve accounting this in all my writer’s statements aback I began applying for fellowships aback I was twenty-three, the mother of a attractive son I’d adopted and the wife of a man I’d met and affiliated in six months while still an undergrad, abandoned a year afterwards a bootless suicide attempt. I became a mother active in a Los Angeles suburb with my husband, parents, and kid brother in a little abode that my grandparents had bought for my Uncle Ralph, my mother’s beforehand brother, as a bells allowance thirty years before. He’d awash it to my parents for an absonant bulk at the acme of the apartment bazaar billow afore the crisis, and the baby’s bedchamber had been my parent’s office, which we’d repainted dejected with clouds, while our bedchamber was the ancestors allowance area a alpine IKEA armoire acted as a wall, giving us some affinity of aloofness from the aggregate alley that afar my parent’s bedchamber from my husband’s and mine.

“My histories are told to affirmation my own existence. As a poet, to angle up and say Actuality I am is an act of immense resistance, one that holds strength, an centralized abundant adeptness that ultimately promises and celebrates survival. Latinx poetics is burning because we are singing our hearts out, and it’s not absolutely ablaze that anyone is listening. I appetite them to listen. I appetite us to accept to anniversary other.”

The glint of a abridged knife shimmered in the firelight, a adolescent biographer whittling a dent of copse from one of the amoroso maples surrounding us—and for a moment I couldn’t breathe.

“More than anything, I appetite us to accept to ourselves.”


My dad had befuddled things aloft classrooms and gotten fired—but my mom and I wrote belletrist and got him assimilate affliction for depression. Aback I was five, I awoke to my ancestor complaining in the alley of Abundant Grandma Vera’s abode area we were living. The complaining animal-like, his accomplished anatomy juddering—white and ablaze beneath the alley light. He was vomiting, admitting his arch wasn’t in the toilet bowl, but rolling back, his eyes anesthetized as he seizured aloft the board floors.

At the time, I aggregate a allowance with my beforehand brother Paul. Technically he was my half-brother, but I’d bite anyone who alleged him that like that allegation Vanessa at Sacred Affection Elementary. Neither Paul nor I accepted what was happening. Dad was calling out, admitting I’m not abiding for whom. Paul was singing to me to accumulate me from crying.

I stared at the crayon-stained walls area I hadn’t absolutely adjourned abroad the marks I’d left, but I couldn’t unsee my ancestor dying. He was dying, glossy with affection he’d invoked assimilate himself, which I wouldn’t accept until abundant later.

My mother alleged it an accident. He hadn’t meant to booty his Prozac with his beer.

Paul had to aperture with Grandma Vera while we went to appointment Dad. Paul was my mom’s son.

When I wrote about my father’s suicide attack in a composition and emailed it to my brother, he asked if I’d anytime begin out what happened that night. He’d never accepted the abounding story. All he remembered was that Mom took me to appointment Dad in the hospital afterward. He’d asked if he could go, too, but she said no. She told him, admitting he doesn’t bethink the exact words, that Dad didn’t appetite to see him. “That larboard a scar.”


At the trampoline esplanade for Jer Bear’s tenth altogether party, while Mom and I jumped cautiously at aboriginal and afresh wilder, freer, I asked her about this. She said, “Dad did not appetite to see Paul because he was ashamed.” Her diabetic anxiety agilely springing, her abundant thinner anatomy no best a blackmail to the springs, she told me that my ancestor had sobbed about how abominable he had advised Paul, and he acquainted so bad about it that he could not attending at him. Mom said that was apparently the aboriginal time she’d alleged him an asshole. Meantime, I was abashed the springs would aperture or the airy canvas would aperture beneath my weight, and I’d abatement through to a pit of crocodiles beneath; my mom laughed at this—“There are no crocodiles­!”

She told me she’d texted Paul beforehand in the week, and thanked me for the astute advancement she adeptness out about his anamnesis of that time. She hadn’t accepted he’d interpreted her words to beggarly Dad hadn’t capital to see him. That charge accept been how he’d heard it, but she couldn’t for the activity of her bethink cogent him, “Dad doesn’t appetite to see you.” Why would she say such a thing?

I told her I abhorrence the annual I’m writing. It’s ugly, makes me feel ugly. Aback I beatific her my asperous abstract to analysis for accurateness because she is a bigger anamnesis babysitter than I am—and there were affluence of capacity I’d gotten wrong: spellings of names and medications; that Prozac came later, replaced the Norpramin, which has a low access threshold; I’d abandoned an “ñ;” which ancestors associates Paul backward with summers he didn’t aperture with us—she said she about couldn’t get through the blow of her day, she was so abundant with sadness.

She doesn’t accept in backyard trampolines. Alike with nets. She believes addition will fall. There’s consistently an end in sight.

But the trampolines at the esplanade were bedlam and alike with the aloft belvedere they’d fabricated of the ground. We’d active a abandonment and the affinity of a adaptable apple meant we were safe. And alike admitting reweaving this adventure agency abashed pins into a mother Voodoo doll, she tells me, “Keep writing. There is joy.”

She reminded me of the miracle.


When I’d aboriginal begin out that Dad’s beer/depression med cocktail wasn’t an accident, I’d apprehend it, abundant as I generally appointment my family’s secrets. Mom wrote about the adventure in my Autograph the Difficult chic I was teaching online. She typed accessible wounds from her adept bedroom, while I accomplished the chic from my own bedchamber aloft the hallway. The chic adage was Ernest Hemingway’s admonition to “write adamantine and ablaze about what hurts.”

I’m attractive for a way to accept that the airy action I’m apprenticed in, somehow coheres with the science of depression, that I accept freewill, that the synapses misfiring—firework snapshots, the Fourth of July aback I heard gunshots and pictures of my accouchement flashed, “Follow the light,” but aboriginal we charge alarm it or abroad we won’t admit it aback it comes—are aural my control.

According to behavioral epigenetics, agony in our past, or in our contempo ancestors’ pasts, leave atomic scars adhering to our DNA like adhesive chaplet in the river area Dad done bottomward too abounding Norpramin with his beer. I’d developed up assertive it was an accident, somehow, that he didn’t know. That night he seizured bottomward the anteroom while I lay arch to bottom in bed with my big brother in Grandma Vera’s abode with the Renoir painting of the flowered little babe and her red-hatted Mama, my appearance stains on the walls area my own Mama hadn’t yet fabricated me abrade them out. I bethink him calling, seizuring, out the aperture into night.

Childhood is like this, white and shaking, until I don’t bethink area he went or why, but abandoned that he bare help, and that, for him, advice was not a risk. Didn’t beggarly “kids get taken away.”

I brainstorm now that he was calling for my mom, the way my accouchement alarm for me aback they’ve had nightmares. He lived. So I never questioned his motives aloft the bogie annual my mother told me, how I believed aggregate she said. “Daddy’s not activity well. He’s ill. He’s in the hospital accepting better.”

I bethink my little brother David analytic me, the night a adolescent aerial academy cheerleader’s mother brought me home afterwards midnight barrier and babbling, my bristles wet from the toilet water. I was incoherent, delusional as the grave.

“Did you beggarly to drink?” my ten-year-old brother had asked. “Did addition accomplish you?”

Though I don’t bethink this, my mother tells me that Dad went sheet-white, his cheeks anemic as his anon gray bristles and hair. Mom, who’s been night dark aback she was a teenager, had to grab the keys from him on the advanced porch, boost me into the minivan, bawl at Dad, “Get in!” and drive me to the hospital herself. It was booze poisoning, the basin of my abdomen pumped clean.

It’s the age-old action of choice—these choir in our heads—for ablaze or darkness, which sounds as cliché as it gets but that’s because sometimes we stop alert and cycle our eyes as alienated teenagers aback the bulletin is accurate and we’re afraid.

What is it like active with an ambiguous guardian? I don’t appetite you to ask my children.

“Did you beggarly to end it, Dad?” I asked, assuredly adventurous abundant to aperture the borderland.

The way I’d consistently remembered that night was gone, the way our selves are ripped afar aback they’re taken from us, the belief in which we’ve blanketed our accouchement securely, the accident of our history, anamnesis as interpreted through the ablution of color, a big brother’s abysmal baritone singing “Go to sleep” and a abundant grandmother’s craven easily folding eggs into a algid basin basin of pancake concoction in the morning aback one’s ancestor is gone.

Trauma becomes a allotment of us, a atomic balance captivation fast to our abiogenetic scaffolding.

When Mom took my autograph class—while I was teaching her to affected her abhorrence of putting all the belief she’d created in her mind, and mine, the babe who believed her every word, who believed she was as abutting to God as Mary, mothers, affiliated in my affection as Saviors themselves, as healing balms—she wrote:

My academician replays the mind-numbing abhorrence aback the paramedics stormed into our home and took my admired away, beggared to a gurney. He was accepted to a psychiatric hospital, on a apprenticed assemblage for weeks, abrogation me abandoned with my babies.

I’m aggravating to accept this adventure to advice me become the affectionate of mother I charge to be, now I’m the appearance in crisis of actuality rushed off to the ER. Now, I abhorrence brainy lockdown.

The mother stayed. But I’m the mother.

I anticipation my dad was apparitional aback he seizured in the hall, calling. Now I apperceive he was human. I’m calling for help, but whom accept I to ask?

On Mercury during the day, the Sun rises, stops, about-turns, and eventually sets area it rose. At Chaco Canyon, my Grandmother’s people, the Ancient Ones, mapped the solar and lunar transits with their abundant white buildings. How can I alarm to you a abode I’ve never set foot?

I’m analytic for abiding ground, the red mud earth. I’m aggravating to acquaint you what it’s like—the sunrise, ambience in place.


Mom didn’t address about the miracle.

When I’d asked Dad about that night in the hallway, he’d said teaching inferior aerial was demoralizing. They advised him like garbage. He hadn’t apparent a way out. They were active with my Abundant Grandma. They were broke.

The choir in my arch were crueler, maybe. It wasn’t as simple as he fabricated it sound.

Now I see he abandoned accustomed himself to bethink that sliver of truth. Mom abounding in the added genitalia later—after Paul’s anamnesis recolored all of ours. Is that what ancestors is for? A affectionate of aggregate memory? For aggregate healing? Because the phenomenon adored me. Admitting it wasn’t my miracle.


My babe squats crablike in the kitchen in the ablaze summer clothes she wore all day bygone and to bed. She is authoritative a alternation of chairs affronted calm with winter scarves while my son, in a backwards Iron Man bodice and shorts (and apparently backwards underwear as well, if he’s cutting any at all), unloads the dishwasher.

Five years ago I didn’t apperceive I’d be actuality to attestant this daily-ness. My son gags at the borsch in the sink, the assortment befuddled haphazardly, aching from dishes and larboard to amalgamate overnight, and my babe runs from the allowance agreeable as I eat the additional Paleo mug block I’ve fabricated today, meant as a distinct serving, gluten-free, low-carb dessert. The mug says “Keep calm and chase your dreams,” and I’m not aloft platitudes. I don’t affliction abundant that a burst alarm may be appropriate alert a day and that it may be admirable in the way of things that accept outlived their annual but abide anyway—hanging on the wall, a athletic friend, as abortive and affable as a allotment of art.

It wasn’t myself I afraid about.

I was abashed I’d annoyance them with me—that they wouldn’t accomplish it to this moment of not abundant blood-warm baptize and too abundant soap, of bond the apple-pie with the dirty, and I’m not alike afraid about acclimation them, except I lay bottomward a few towels to accumulate them from bottomward and arise their skulls.

I’ve heard annual declared as a phenomenon of survival. Afresh I’m autograph this in advance—for my daughter. My son will accept his own troubles (Each day has abundant agitation of its own) but it’s those abuse wounds through the abyss I’m acquisitive to alleviate now. In this moment of the advertisement bung aqueous aloft the kitchen asphalt like a snake (“It’s sinkmania,” yells Jer Bear), I’m so beholden I’m no best throwing abroad boner knives for fear.

The paranoia had been abrasion over me in abundant flat waves, like the tsunamis apprenticed to absolve aback the San Andreas Fault assuredly rips abroad the littoral stitches. I confused to New Mexico from California for this fear, admitting I acquaint anybody I followed my mother. I confused because the dreams would not relent, the dreams of hurricanes on the albino bank I’ve admired aback childhood, of camping in wet-smelling tents, baking hotdogs, and demography algid showers that aching the beach aloft my goose pimpled bark like a cat’s tongue. In Los Angeles, I afraid on freeway overpasses, on the way to Slimmons, for instance—the dead-stopped cartage about me clashing in my panic-induced dizziness—sure the end was nigh, and not in any acrid agenda assurance way, but abysmal in my gut. Or aback my bedmate would agitate his leg in bed, I’d grab the babyish from her playpen beside me and scream “Grab Jer”—asleep on his crib-turned-toddler bed a few anxiety abroad from our mattress on the floor—and run for the sliding bottle aperture assimilate our accurate slab of backyard, my affection palpitating. I couldn’t accept why my bedmate hadn’t followed me, why he’d backward in bed, watching me quizzically, the babyish still comatose in my arms. It would booty a additional afore I accomplished annihilation was abashed but me. The night was quiet, the cicadas active beneath the artery lamps, the neighbors’ television awning bluing through their curtains, the Los Angeles nightlight of bare billow befitting watch aloft us all—that atramentous sky to which I could never acclimate. The abandoned roiling was my stomach, and I acquainted a charge to assistant the babyish admitting she wasn’t the one who bare comforting.

My brother Paul has gone to analysis for the convulsion abhorrence he says our mother absolute in us. I was three, he was eight. We were singing at the breakfast table, and my mother told us to stop. Did she acquaint us commodity bad would happen? Or did we addendum that allotment afterward? Maybe she anticipation it was poor manners. The convulse was famous. Somewhere abroad it destroyed a city—stole families from anniversary other. In our abode I don’t accept it was anytime the absolute effect, but the abhorrence of what it could accept been—the fear. Attractive back, the accident was minor. The fishbowl fell and comatose the fish. Bottle shattered. It was messy. But that adamant screaming. She larboard me in a night childhood because I had accidents sometimes. Squishing in the plastic-sounding thing, I was abounding with shame. I was so affronted she’d larboard me in a diaper, swept us up, so abundant screaming, and collection us to her mother’s house. Paul was airsickness off Grandma’s advanced balustrade into the garden.

We never sang at the table again.

For years I put the two together. Mom acclimated to acquaint us what her mother had said to her, meant as a abuse at the table: “El que appear y canta, con el loco se levanta.” Roughly translated: “He who eats and sings, will deathwatch up crazy.” Our mothers said it to accomplish us quiet down, eat our aliment quicker. Give her time to digest. Somehow we never paid absorption to the crazy allotment and mistranslated as singing at the table would annual commodity bad to happen, belief accustomed amid my brother and me.

It was years afore I dared sing at the table. It took my own accouchement singing afore I abutting the choir of the brave. Those who dared earthquakes.

El loco se levanta. Would go crazy.

Only the new paranoia that had been architecture aback my babe had affronted two wasn’t calmed by the calmness of the brick alfresco the house, the insect song in the weeds, the babyish sleeping in my arms.

Her anatomy was changing. She was no best a baby. She was bushing into a little girl.

Those genitalia that had consistently been there—the nipples, the ambit at her waist, the potbelly, the aperture at her pubic mound—began to alarm me.


Today, bottomward Lina off at the Little Gym one of the gymnastics agents said, “You’re activity to accept your easily abounding with that one. She’s adorable gorgeous. Jer had bigger avert her honor.” I’ve been told this abounding times. Today she is six, about seven.

Drop dead. Play dead. Please don’t die, child. Please don’t be gorgeous.

The monsoons accept come. My accouchement accept blood-soaked their shirts in borsch and booty them off. They run bare-chested into the backyard and ball in the rain. If I’ve done annihilation able-bodied in life, it’s this.

I dreamt aftermost night my ex was in my boyhood bedchamber with me area I already dreamt I’d active a stillborn in the clay of my closet. But this time he lay aloft me backwards so we could 69 as I’d amorphous accomplishing aback I was a teenager. Abandoned I was affianced bottomward and his testicles were asthmatic me, prunes alveolate in my throat. Eventually he began masturbating aloft me and I was covered in his cum like discharge on my face, gum in my hair. My acquaintance says she’s been told this is adult but aback she approved it with her accomplice she acquainted disgusting, and I told her this was my boyish reality. I wasn’t dreaming. I was remembering. Abandoned in the dream he’d asked me if I had taken my bearing ascendancy bolus and I ran bottomward the artery in a anhydrate adjoin the bazaar like Lady Godiva who’d absent her horse, accomplished his house, his mother watering her sun-scorched application of grass, her husband’s auto anchored accidental on the yellowing artifice of the blow of the yard, and into the store, barefoot, a biscuit anhydrate captivated about my naked body, acceding for condoms in the aftermath aisle. I captivated a pinkish blooming annoying pear—a cactus flower, what Frida Kahlo alleged Tunas (Still Activity with Annoying Pear)—on a basin with claret beating the white sheet, and bit into it, thorns and all.


I threw abroad the boner knife my bedmate brought into our marriage. It was square, could about-face animals into other. I’m not a vegetarian and one approach suggests actuality afterpiece to what we absorb imbues it with greater significance, the way of ice cultures annihilation the aliment and bistro it raw, the accouchement awash about that open-casket of fur, admiration on the barrage with their red hands, the organs still warm. Aback I saw this arena in a photo-documentary, I wondered about parasites and diseases, the way I won’t alike blow raw poultry, not aback the abortion which had annihilation to do with chicken, but barbarian flu, and abandoned in the way of memory, the way it bleeds.

I was continuing in band at the fairgrounds for a flu vaccine, the communicable fear. Two dejected curve ghosted in a arid alternate and I couldn’t authority in the joy. I admiration sometimes about the bowls we carry. My son says activity is a basin in the stomach, “You booze from one bowl”—that ablaze borsch he holds to his mouth, sprigs of cilantro in his teeth—“and the added basin bushing central you.” He fell comatose on my lap that night I bled that babyish out again, like he knew he was accident and it would be years—

I mean, I’d get abundant afresh in a ages and the babe would come, but it would be years afore I could annual for that knife in the kitchen drawer, the abandon we carry. That basin overfilling sometimes or emptying, I’m ambiguous how the allegory goes. I captivated it in a kitchen anhydrate and tossed it in the garbage, afraid for sanitation workers, but less, finally, for my family.


Nearly the absolute aboriginal year of Lina’s activity she wouldn’t acquiesce a man to authority her. Not her father, or my dad, not my brothers. She would cry until they gave her aback to me or my mom. I accept a account of my brother Paul captivation her, authoritative funny faces at her, so this charge not be absolutely true, but my ancestors generally talks about how abundant Lina hated men, how she adopted women.

Did I booty this as a sign?

The phenomenon meant no amount what black approved to affected me, God was with me. My amiga told me to bulb my anxiety adjoin the apple and feel my absoluteness with all things active and dead. All things that had appear afore would appear again. My balladry sister who’d becoming her Master’s amount in spiritual/theological attitude said that aback we alleviate the present, we additionally alleviate the past. My mom was confused as a child. She told me the belief aboriginal as a admonishing I suppose, and maybe because she didn’t accept anyone abroad to allocution to except her accouchement aback we were growing up. Maybe she aloof bare to share. She additionally capital me to apperceive there was annihilation I couldn’t acquaint her.


In my anamnesis it is cloudburst division aback I acquaint Mom the nightmares that bedeviled me for months, admitting I apprehend now the acclimate I bethink couldn’t be true. Aback I alternate to my MFA affairs in North Carolina that January and adolescent writers asked how my abatement division had gone, I told them I’d acquainted like I’d cut myself accessible for my poems. I didn’t acquaint them the extent. So Mom and I charge accept been walking late-winter, with blubbery jackets and socks. The copse charge accept apparent their branches, accoutrements aerial in prayer, aerial to a algid and aloof sky. Afterwards I abstruse the appellation “postpartum psychosis.” I didn’t apperceive that appellation then. Walking with Mom, I adeptness accept asked about demons. She’d accomplished me demons cannot acquire a being with Jesus in her heart, but they can demonize them, which agency affliction them—they can hover at the edges and prod, can nudge adjoin self-destruction. I didn’t charge abundant nudging.

I told her I’d asked Dad if he’d meant to annihilate himself.

Often the kids absolved with us, admitting sometimes they backward with my bedmate or dad, or played in the backyard with friends. My mom consistently absolved for exercise. Sometimes I abutting her to ablaze my arch or because I’d eaten too abundant and my abdomen ached and walking kept the abhorrence at bay.

“There was a badge administrator at the kids’ academy the added day. I acclimated to abhorrence academy shootings, but aback I saw his gun, so abutting to area I was anchored in the lot, cat-and-mouse for the kids to get out, I thought, what if I blitz him, grab his gun, shoot myself.”

If she flinched, she didn’t appearance it. “It’s hormones, baby. Aback I was your age, I acclimated to abhorrence all kinds of aberrant things I knew I would never absolutely do.” I’d told her how I’d befuddled abroad a boner knife my bedmate had bought from one of those As Apparent on TV food afore we were married. I’d consistently hated it—that brier appearance of a abhorrence movie. I’d apprehend an commodity about a woman who, in a fit of acerbity during an altercation with her fiancé the night afore their wedding, stabbed him in the kitchen. Anyone is able of anything.

This I fear.

The miracle, she said, was this. Dad did try to annihilate himself. He swallowed a fistful of Norpramin with beer afterwards beer. He’d bought a twelve backpack and charge accept drank half.

But aback he got to the hospital, they arrested his blood.

He had aught percent booze in his bloodstream.

There had been no booze in the beer.

What account but God?

He had approved and failed, but the phenomenon was the acumen for the failure.


Failure is at the affection of my miracle, I suppose. Not the “Praise the Lord” kind, but acclaim the body’s adeptness to heal, acclaim the mind’s. Acclaim the ancestors that tethers me. Acclaim the well-used kitchen accoutrement and scoured bond bowls and adulate knives, blubbery slabs of clabber on the bread.

Praise this awkward house. Acclaim the nightmares—they accumulate me waking, and alive agency opening, and aperture agency not shutting down. Acclaim my babe decrepit bore baptize bottomward her legs in my makeshift appointment at the kitchen table calling for help, affairs her accoutrements like glossy plums from the wet bolt of her sleeves while I’m aggravating to praise. Acclaim disruptions.

I’ve fought to absolve the brainy illness, the voices, the accommodation in my eye shaped as a noose, though, seeing it now, in the mirror of the window to the summer backyard, cicadas bustling electricity in the monsoon-wet air, it looks added like a dragonfly, ablaze through a hoop, or orbiting the rim of a bowl, basic to bang loose, and fly away.


Rumpus aboriginal art by Trisha Previte. 

Jennifer Givhan is a Mexican-American biographer and activist from the Southwestern arid and the columnist of three feature balladry collections: Landscape with Headless Mama (2015 Pleiades Editors’ Prize), Protection Spell (2016 Miller Williams Balladry Prize Series), and Babe with Death Mask (2017 Dejected Ablaze Books Prize). Her ceremoniousness accommodate a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, a PEN/Rosenthal Emerging Choir fellowship, the Frost Abode [email protected] scholarship, a National Latino Writers’ Conference scholarship, the Lascaux Review Balladry Prize, Phoebe Journal’s Greg Grummer Balladry Prize, and the Pinch Balladry Prize. Her assignment has appeared in Best of the Net, Best New Poets, Balladry Daily, Verse Daily, Ploughshares, POETRY, TriQuarterly, Boston Review, AGNI, Crazyhorse, Witness, Southern Humanities Review, Missouri Review, and The Kenyon Review. Added from this columnist →

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