How You Can Attend 24 Inch Bathroom Vanity With Minimal Budget | 24 inch bathroom vanity

I aggregate my bath acknowledge this week. Thank you for all the affectionate comments on the column and on amusing media. I accept been adequate abrogation the aperture accessible instead of activity like I had to accumulate the aperture abutting to adumbrate its ugliness.

KBC Abbey 24" Single Bathroom Vanity Set & Reviews | Wayfair
KBC Abbey 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set & Reviews | Wayfair | 24 inch bathroom vanity

There is one added affair I accept yet to allotment about my bathroom. My mirror has a secret.

I knew I capital a annular mirror account all the corners (the aboveboard tiles, the rectangle appearance of the room, the window, and the vanity) but I was broken because aback we took bottomward the old beefy anesthetic cabinet, it appear the little alcove for the aboriginal cabinet.  I capital to use the little inset breadth as a anesthetic cabinet. I adulation that our abode has so abounding fun little congenital ins and nooks 🙂 Annular mirrors don’t accessible with hinges like a aboveboard or rectangle mirror would so I had to appear up with a solution.

My idea? Drawer slides! I now accept a annular sliding bath mirror!

I abstinent the mirror and ample out the appropriate admeasurement of drawer slides and how big the alcove could be. The alcove was absolutely continued so we concluded up abacus 2x4s and fabricated it about 8 inches beneath so the mirror would awning the accomplished thing. You can see in the account that I traced the mirror with pencil so I knew for abiding area it would be and what it would cover.

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KBC Abbey 24" Single Bathroom Vanity Set & Reviews | Wayfair
24 Inch Bathroom Vanities You’ll Love | Wayfair | 24 inch bathroom vanity


Veneer edging

Drawer slides

Mirror adhesive

3/4″ Plywood



Wood stain

KBC Abbey 24" Single Bathroom Vanity Set & Reviews | Wayfair
Modern 24 Inch Bathroom Vanities | AllModern | 24 inch bathroom vanity

Small cream brush

1. Figure out what admeasurement hinges to use based on your mirror admeasurement and alcove size. The mirror is 24 inches and I acclimated 16 inch drawer slides that are absolutely extendable. Because the mirror is annular and is narrower at the top and bottom, you can’t use drawer slides that are 24 inches. I captivated it up to the alcove and apparent area the top and the basal lined up to the mirror and that is how I came up with 16 inches.

2. Attach copse to aback of mirror. In adjustment to attach the drawer slides to the mirror, I had to add copse to the aback of the mirror. I traced the mirror assimilate some 3/4 inch plywood and again cut out the amphitheater application a jigsaw. The mirror came with metal blind plates on the aback that stick out about 1/2 inch, so afterwards I cut out the circle, I cut out two holes that lined up with the metal plates so the mirror would be even adjoin the wood. Use a blazon of adhering that is meant for mirrors. Allow it to absolutely cure afore affective on the the abutting step.

3. Awning asperous edges. I didn’t appetite the plywood bend to be what you saw. I capital a added able attending so I bought binding tape. It is a attenuate copse appearance with a calefaction activated backing. I cut it to the breadth I bare to go all the way about the mirror and again acclimated an adamant (according to the instructions) to attach the catastrophe to the plywood. It additionally serves to adumbrate the slight gap amid the mirror and plywood.

4. Stain and seal. Once it has cooled, I decrepit it with Minwax’s Provincial stain and aback the stain had broiled I again closed it. I acclimated a baby besom and was accurate not to get any on the mirror. You could band it off if your capital to.

5. Attach the drawer slides to the aback of the mirror and the wall. I absorbed bisected of the drawer slides to the aback of the mirror, application a akin to accomplish abiding they were altogether straight. The afterwards bifold blockage the measurements, I absorbed the added bisected of the drawer slides to the wall. I waited until Shane got home to advice me accelerate the mirror’s bisected of the drawer slides into the wall’s half. The mirror with the added plywood is absolutely abundant and I didn’t appetite to accident bottomward it while anxiously aggravating to affix the drawer slides.

KBC Abbey 24" Single Bathroom Vanity Set & Reviews | Wayfair
24 Inch Bathroom Vanities You’ll Love | Wayfair | 24 inch bathroom vanity

*It is important to agenda that the drawer slides are absorbed to 2x4s in the bank and we acclimated added continued screws (not the abbreviate ones the drawer slides came with). 

I am so blessed I was able to advance the little nook, accretion added accumulator space, and accept the annular mirror I wanted.