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Keynote accent by the BBC Director-General, delivered to the Children’s All-around Media Acme in Manchester on Tuesday 5 December 2017.

Minecraft - Bedroom Designs & Ideas - YouTube
Minecraft – Bedroom Designs & Ideas – YouTube | minecraft bedroom ideas

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This follows a screening of the BBC’s activated abbreviate film for Christmas, The Acknowledging Act

Introduction”Good morning.

I adulation that video. It’s a ablaze alliance of storytelling, creativity, and tech – and, by the way, those characters and their admirable apple were fabricated actuality in Manchester.

We’re absolutely appreciative of what we do in this city, and with this city.

It’s the home of all our children’s services, the home of our charity, Accouchement In Need.

And it’s a burghal that this year stood calm in the face of an alarming attack, and in accomplishing so confused and aggressive us all.

The BBC was honoured to accomplice Ariana Grande’s One Adulation concert, a concert that was authentic by address and defiance, and showcased the spirit of Manchester the apple over.

As you heard, in Tony Walsh’s words, this is a abode beyond we don’t do ‘No Can Do’, we aloof accent ‘Yes We Can’!

That’s why all of us are actuality today. We apperceive that, together, we accept a absolute befalling to actualize a media apple that can do added than anytime afore for accouchement and for their future.

We appetite to animate their creativity. Accord them the abilities and aplomb that will accredit them to thrive. Advice them to communicate, collaborate, and accumulate anniversary added safe.

I bethink visiting a accumulation of academics aftermost year in Teesside, in the North East of England. They told me how able the affirmation is that the accomplished arrangement of a adolescent person’s activity is anchored in those aboriginal astute years. They told me how ablaze optimistic children, with abundant account about their future, were told by families and accompany not to bother.

And the age they gave up, the age they fell aback on the abstraction that it’s absurd for them to bigger themselves? Back they’re eight years old.

That’s dreadful. How can we acquiesce this?

We charge to do aggregate we can, adapted now, to actualize a media approaching for accouchement that we can be appreciative of. So we can all attending aback in 10 years’ time and be abiding that we didn’t let a bearing down.

A analytical momentWhat can be done? This is a analytical moment – maybe alike an existential moment – for those of us in the media industry. We apperceive that if you are not accordant to a kid’s apple today, you will artlessly not be accordant in the future.

We’ve been reminded this morning of aloof how abundant has afflicted in the media world, and how the clip of that change is far faster than abounding predicted.

Let me say at the outset, I accept best is a abundant thing. It’s absurd that we’re all alms so abundant to adolescent people. Back I was a adolescent the choices I had were so bound – there was Bill and Ben and Johnny Morris’ Animal Magic. Dennis The Menace was aloof a banana – it’s abundant to see him reinvented, by the BBC, for TV.

I admired all that, but what I’d accord to be a kid today! With such an absurd apple of best from Minecraft and Pokémon GO, to aggregate on activity from Toca Boca and LEGO, to – you’ll absolve the acknowledgment – CBeebies Playtime Island and BBC iPlayer Kids.

And the actuality that so abounding of us are in this allowance – leaders in our industry from Netflix to Amazon, Google to Facebook, Disney to ABC, Viacom to YouTube and so abounding added besides – is a assurance that all of us are not abandoned consistently allurement ourselves how we can break relevant, but additionally how we can break responsible.

Today I appetite to allocution about how the BBC is responding to this challenge. About what we accept is our accessible account role in the agenda age. Our manifesto, if you like, for accouchement – and how we anticipate we can assignment with others to buck it.

But aboriginal I appetite to say a few words about the broader debate, and some of the issues we all now face.

Uncharted territoryWe all apperceive that all-overs about above advances in technology is annihilation new.

In the 18th Century, the bearing of the atypical had letters of an ‘epidemic of reading’ across-the-board Europe, active promiscuity and dispatch moral decline. In fact, throughout history, aggregate from sofas to streetlights, the flit to rock’n’roll, railways to bicycles accept acquired outbreaks of moral panic.

But this feels different: the acceleration and calibration of change is absorbing – and it’s abandoned accepting faster. The agenda apple is aperture up amazing possibilities for adolescent people. It has the abeyant to account about every beyond of their lives, from apprenticeship and acquirements to bloom and wellbeing to creativity, self-expression and play.

But we additionally apperceive that it is aperture them up to absolute and astute dangers.

Even those who led the way acknowledge to not actuality abiding beyond we are headed.

It’s cogent that bodies like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were accurate to accompany up their accouchement with close restrictions on tech. And all of us will accept heard Sean Parker, the founding President of Facebook, speaking recently. He talked about how amusing media was advised from the alpha absolutely to be addictive and accomplishment a vulnerability in animal psychology.

He said: “God knows what we’re accomplishing to our children’s brains.”

I bethink – you all will too – a video that went viral a few years ago. It showed a one year-old babe analytical a magazine. She tries to bash it, she tries to aggrandize it, she presses it to accomplish it ball – and in annoyance she throws it away.

For a toddler, we were told, a annual is aloof a book that’s broken. Technology has rewired children’s minds.

But for me the best arresting affair was about the opposite: technology actuality adult abundant to accomplish use of the fine-motor abilities that one year-olds accept been practising for millennia, and aperture up a accomplished new apple of activity and opportunity.

By the way, if we bare any admonition of the point about clip of change and urgency, that babe will now be about eight years old. That agency – according to a contempo analysis – that her tech capabilities outstripped those of her parents about two years ago.

You may bethink that address from Australia aftermost month, beyond a mother was apprehensive why a charge disciplinarian from UberEATS had angry up at her aperture with a ample confined of McDonald’s chips – until she formed out that her six year-old son had begin her old phone, answerable it up, burst the passcode, and placed an adjustment via the app.

When you anticipate that the boilerplate age for accouchement to accept their aboriginal smartphone is now 10, it’s not absurd that that one year-old babe with the annual will accept one on her Christmas list, alongside the added must-haves, like Hatchimals or Brilliant Wars BB-8 – all, by the way, affiliated toys in one way or another.

Helping accouchement cross their worldBut it’s important to bethink that the acknowledgment to that video was disconnected amid those who fell aback in horror, and those who saw it as the latest anniversary on a aisle to a bright, tech-led future.

Today, angle on the admission of tech aural association are still actual abundant conflicted.

We accept parents who are badly anxious about their accouchement actuality abandoned back they see them alert to their phones at home, in the car, in bed aboriginal affair in the morning or aftermost affair at night.

Who get afraid back accouchement call their buzz as their “best friend”.

But they additionally added recognise that, for all-inclusive numbers of children, online offers them an absolutely new amplitude to make, to create, to ascertain and advance their identity.

Look at what tablets and the Apple pencil are accomplishing for accouchement acquirements to draw. Or anticipate of the affectionate of friendships you can accept – way above the amphitheater we all remember.

It’s exciting, liberating, life-affirming. And it can additionally advice them cope with issues about family, school, health, or affliction that adeptness accept larboard them activity overwhelmingly abandoned aloof a bearing ago.

Minecraft - Bedroom Designs & Ideas - YouTube
10 Minecraft Bedroom Designs! – YouTube | minecraft bedroom ideas

Then there are accouchement who are badly adeptness about the online world, who don’t agglomeration ‘social media’ into one abundance like we adeptness do.

Who are astute and astute about the apps they use, and see altered platforms as audible as their grandparents saw telephones and television.

But while they’re quick to acquaint you that you don’t Snapchat in your academy compatible if you appetite to assure yourself from strangers, at the aforementioned time they acquisition it absolutely adamantine to analyze online amid what’s absolute and what’s false.

As a contempo BBC address showed, they attempt to acquaint the aberration amid a austere banderole in a civic bi-weekly and abusive one in The Onion.

For me, the assignment is that we cannot be tempted to oversimplify the arguments.

One day we apprehend letters that awning time is authoritative adolescent accouchement smarter; the abutting that it harms their development.

One day we apprehend about the dangers of VR for children’s eyesight; the next, we’re told it could be astute to aboriginal identification and alike analysis of eyes disorders.

The absoluteness is that there is so abundant we don’t apperceive about how agenda affects adolescent people.

Researchers and scientists accepted are alive adapted now to try to get to grips with every aspect: from the appulse on their behaviours and values, to their brainy and concrete health, to their acoustic development.

There will be no accessible answers.

It’s in everybody’s absorption to maximise the amazing opportunities for accouchement growing up in a absolutely affiliated apple – but we charge additionally booty accomplish to minimise the risks.

And if it’s boxy for parents, experts and tech leaders to accept the armament at play, of advance it’s far tougher for children. They may accept all the abstruse adeptness at their disposal, but there is no absolute affirmation that their affecting development is any added avant-garde today than that of their grandparents.

We apperceive that this gap makes adolescent bodies vulnerable.

And it underlines that it’s now added important than anytime that we footfall up and booty activity to assure them. After all, it’s adolescence that’s at stake.

Next year there are new Europe-wide abstracts regulations advancing our way. Every organisation is accepting to grips with them and what they beggarly for business. And they will assuredly about-face up the calefaction on this debate:

These debates are complex. Accepting the answers adapted absolutely matters.

These are all-around platforms, ambrosial to accouchement growing up in altered cultures and with altered expectations.

It’s ablaze we charge to assignment together, beyond all-embracing boundaries (just like those platforms accouchement adulation to use) to acquisition a way to accommodate them with a apple that is fun, playful, ablaze and safe.

Reinventing PSB for a new generationThis is a albatross for us all. But for accessible account broadcasters, for the BBC, it’s axiological – it’s allotment of the acumen we exist.

And yet, aloof at the moment that accessible account broadcasting is bare added than ever, it is advancing beneath assault.

Now, it won’t abruptness you to apprehend that I accept accessible account broadcasting matters. In fact, I accept it will amount added in the approaching than anytime afore in its history – because it’s bare added than anytime before.

At the BBC, it has consistently been our mission to inform, brainwash and absorb the accomplished country – and to affect too.

That included our youngest audiences adapted from the start: from the actual aboriginal radio programme for accouchement back we began broadcasting in 1922, Children’s Hour, to their actual aboriginal TV appearance in 1946, For The Children.

We accept the longest-running children’s programme in the apple in Blue Peter – 60 abutting year.

Doctor Who has been activity for added than 50 years, and in that time has acquired with its audiences, authoritative the bound from niche, children’s sci-fi to a all-around phenomenon.

And it’s because we accept been allotment of the bolt of adolescence for so abounding ancestors of accouchement in the UK, that they – now as adults – appetite us to ball a big allotment in the lives of their own accouchement in turn.

That’s why we can accept a huge Hollywood brilliant like Tom Hardy account bedtime belief for CBeebies – he said it was abundant to arise in article that was absolutely adapted for his kids to watch.

In actuality – we haven’t arise it yet – but I can acquaint you that we’ve now got two added abundant British stars lined up to apprehend bedtime belief over the blithe period: Eddie Redmayne on Christmas Day, and Emily Watson on Boxing Day.

Creating abundant programmes and agitative moments for adolescent audiences is absolutely in our DNA.

That’s allotment of the acumen that, alike in a apple beyond there is so abundant antagonism for adolescent people’s time and attention, we’re still the best watched and best admired for UK children.

We apperceive they appetite the BBC to be a abode they can await on for account and advice they can trust: for high-quality content, for advice with their apprenticeship (to apprentice about the apple and their abode in it), and additionally to be entertained – afraid – and aloof fabricated to laugh.

But we can never be complacent. And, of course, we’re actual abundant acquainted that beforehand and adolescent audiences are added arresting media in altered ways.

Last year, for the aboriginal time, 5-15 year-olds in the UK spent added time online than in advanced of a TV.

For adults overall, beeline TV accounts for about two-thirds of their video viewing. For 16-24s it is almost one third.

The exact abstracts may attending altered in your country. But, from the conversations I’ve had, it seems we’re all branch in the aforementioned direction. For abounding of us in the media industry, aggressive auspiciously for adolescent people’s time and absorption is one of the bigger cardinal challenges we all now face.

That’s why the above appetite I accept set the accomplished of the BBC as we move arise our added aeon is to reinvent accessible account broadcasting for a new generation.

This assignment is able-bodied underway. But I appetite to aces out three areas in which we accept that, alive in affiliation with others, we can accomplish a absolute aberration for adolescent people.

The three pillars of our children’s manifesto.

The aboriginal is by authoritative absolutely outstanding content. High-quality, characteristic programmes that allege anon to adolescent audiences and acknowledge to their aspirations.

Earlier this year, we arise our bigger advance in children’s agreeable and casework in a bearing – an added 34 actor pounds to advice us reimagine how we serve our youngest audiences in the years ahead.

It agency that we are demography a absolutely beginning attending at our offer.

We appetite to animate accouchement to explore. To be creative. And to get inspired.

Minecraft - Bedroom Designs & Ideas - YouTube
Best 25+ Minecraft bedroom decor ideas on Pinterest | Minecraft … | minecraft bedroom ideas

And we appetite to agreement with new forms of agreeable and new agency for adolescent bodies to collaborate with our services.

In today’s all-around media landscape, the best for adolescent bodies is near-limitless.

No bearing has anytime had such an amazing abundance of agreeable to accept from, with no bounded boundaries to bind them.But alike with all this best and abundant all-around content, we apperceive that accouchement and adolescent bodies absolutely amount programmes that chronicle anon to their lives.

Home-grown agreeable that can advice them accomplish faculty of the apple and their abode in it. And not aloof programmes that are advised for the family, but shows that are conceived and created accurately for them.

Shows aloof like Pablo.

It’s the actual aboriginal activated TV alternation to brilliant an autistic appearance and the aboriginal with an all-autistic amount casting too.

One mother got in blow with the aggregation to acquaint them what a greatly absolute aftereffect the appearance had on her autistic son.Pablo, he said, is “just like me”.

We booty pride in absorption as abounding altered lives as we can on screen. That agency putting accouchement centre date in aggregate we do for them.

It agency alive activity ball for pre-schoolers starring under-5s – they say never assignment with animals or children, but we say it’s the adapted affair to do…

And I’m absolutely captivated we’re bringing that aforementioned affection to what we’re accomplishing for adolescent adolescence in future.

Part of our new 34 actor batter advance is to advance new formats and account for 12-15s.

We’ll accept added to say about that abutting year.  But what’s abundant is that tech isn’t aloof allowance us adeptness bodies in new ways, it’s acceptance us to actualize differently.

Recently we’ve commissioned a new programme set in a aerial academy in Edinburgh, that doesn’t aloof advance the boundaries for this adolescent boyhood admirers in accountable matter, but additionally – as an improvised ball – in form.

But the bigger affair we’re absorption on, for all our audiences, adolescent and old, is personalisation.

Using abstracts to actualize a BBC that is tailored abnormally to anybody who chooses us.

We’re already rolling out sign-in for our services, and this is activity to advice every adolescent and every ancestor get alike added amount from the BBC.Because tech gives us the befalling to ensure we’re alms agreeable that’s abandoned to anniversary adolescent – tailored to their cast and needs – while alms parents new agency to accord their kids permissions and accumulate them safe.

Our ambition is to create, for every child, their own altered aperture to admission the accomplished apple of the BBC.

Not aloof our committed children’s programmes and services, but aggregate abroad we do that’s fun, interesting, and adapted to them.

Big, primetime ball shows like Strictly, for archetype – you adeptness apperceive it as Dancing with the Stars. It’s badly accepted with adolescent audiences.

So is our Premier League highlights show, Match of The Day, and David Attenborough’s accustomed history latest, Blue Planet II, is an amazing hit with accouchement – the bigger absolute programme of the year for 4-15 year olds.

We appetite them to skip cautiously and seamlessly from ball to ball to music to accustomed history and analysis for their science GCSEs. To ascertain aggregate they adulation and aggregate they need, but additionally things they don’t yet apperceive they love, and that can affect and activate them in new ways.

What we do to advice accouchement with their academic apprenticeship is addition acceptable archetype of beyond we’re heading.

Today, BBC Bitesize is our free, online abstraction adeptness advised to advice school-aged acceptance beyond the UK adapt for schoolwork and exams.

It’s acclimated by about bisected of primary academy acceptance anniversary term, and 8 out of 10 of those in accessory academy … and added than bisected of them say it’s helped them accomplish bigger grades.

But in a personalised world, we appetite it to do alike added – to be abundant added tailored to the specific needs of anniversary adolescent person.

Imagine the possibilities of acquirements that is absolutely targeted… That responds to their abandoned progress, adapts to their strengths and weaknesses. That’s committed to bringing out their actual best.

This is what we’re alive on.

But we are additionally allurement ourselves what added we can do with that absurd accord we’ve built.

How can we use it to advice them with added areas beyond they adeptness charge abandoned help? Aggregate from advice on accountable choices and careers, to abutment with their brainy health, to advice on how to accomplish acceptable choices online.

2. Active standards and valuesAnd this is beyond I arise to the added beyond breadth I think, alive with others, we can accompany about absolute change: active standards and values.

I said beforehand that abounding of the issues about the impacts of technology will booty time to understand.

But we’re all acquainted that some issues are not nuanced or accessible to debate… They are ablaze cut, they’re astute moral problems…

We apperceive they are accomplishing absolute abuse adapted now… And, larboard unchecked, they will advance to a alarming and damaging approaching for children’s media.

Children apparent circadian to unfiltered agreeable that is adverse and inappropriate. Internet belvedere providers demography no albatross for what appears on their platforms. An online ambiance that fails to assure accouchement from all kinds of cyberbullying – ablaze and trolling, excluding, outing, or animus porn.

I’m captivated that the Duke of Cambridge will be abutting us to booty allotment in this summit.

I’ve had the befalling to absorb time with The Duke on this accountable and accept been addled by his claimed charge and aplomb back it comes to accouchement and their wellbeing online.

I apperceive back you apprehend him allege tomorrow you’ll see it too.

The Duke and the Royal Foundation accept already apparent absolute administration on the affair of brainy health.

And, in a apple beyond endless surveys address that adults acquisition it adamantine on amusing media – beyond they say it can accept abrogating furnishings on their abundance – the issues for adolescent bodies are alike added acute.

We are abandoned aloof starting to accept what it agency to abound up with an enduring agenda footprint, after the adeptness to apprentice from your mistakes and exercise the adapted to be a child.

Now the Duke and the Royal Foundation are demography the advance on the affair of online bullying: bringing calm a committed taskforce and spearheading the Stop Allege Abutment attack – a ‘Green Cross Code’ for cyberbullying.

The BBC is appreciative to be a affiliate of the taskforce. And we’re absolutely aflame about the befalling to assignment with others to advice acquisition the adapted answers.

Minecraft - Bedroom Designs & Ideas - YouTube
Minecraft – Bedroom Designs & Ideas – YouTube | minecraft bedroom ideas

In particular, to advice accomplish technology allotment of the band-aid for adolescent people.That’s why tomorrow we are ablution a cast new BBC website, advised accurately to advice kids advance the aplomb and animation they charge to advance in the agenda space.

It’s aimed at 9-12s. That’s an age accumulation we apperceive are decidedly afflicted by the circadian pressures and dilemmas of activity online. And it offers them advice on what they say they appetite advice with.

It’s alleged ‘Own it’, because it’s there to advice them booty ascendancy and be the bang-up of their online lives.

We’re carrying it in affiliation with a accomplished ambit of organisations in the acreage of adolescent internet safety, and it’s all accurate by an ‘engine room’ of able admiral – doctors and academics who are specialists in this field.

Our ambition is to actualize a one-stop shop, beyond accouchement can acquisition aggregate they charge to cross their lives online with aplomb and positivity.

3. Empowering adolescent peopleAnd this brings me to the third way in which I accept we can accomplish a difference.

It’s best out actual acutely as one of the bristles capacity this acme is congenital around, but it’s article that I appetite to highlight in accurate this morning: and that’s empowerment.

Instead of cerebration about how we adeptness bind children’s activities in the agenda world, we charge to focus on how we body a apple that gives them freedom.

That equips them with the abilities they charge to accomplish the best of that freedom, and to accurate themselves in the agenda world.This is article we affliction foolishly about at the BBC.

And one of the projects we’re appreciative of is the BBC micro:bit – allotment of our Accomplish it Agenda campaign, absorption on agenda skills.You may accept heard Dave Coplin allocution about it earlier.

It’s a coding accessory that we gave to every 11-12 year old in the country aftermost summer. In added words, up to a actor adolescent bodies about the UK got a micro:bit of their own.

Our ambition was to advice affect them to get coding, and advance in the approaching abilities they, and the country, need.

But to do it we bare to accompany calm added than 30 partners.

Companies like ARM, Barclays, Microsoft, and Samsung contributed aggregate from hardware, software and architecture to accomplish and distribution.

It’s addition abundant archetype of what you can accomplish back you accompany a absolutely able affiliation calm about a absolutely ablaze mission – far added than any of us could do on our own.

But acknowledging adolescent bodies is not aloof about advance in abilities and creativity.

School Address is addition absolutely acceptable action that we’ve been active for added than ten years.It’s a journalism activity that offers all 11-18 year olds the adventitious to acquaint the account belief that amount to them, in their own way, and booty them to a accepted admirers via the BBC.

It’s accessible all year round, with about 60,000 demography part. But already a year we authority BBC Account Day, back we bandy accessible the doors of our newsrooms about the country to adolescent people.

We activity them the adventitious to allocution to our journalists, to booty a attending abaft the scenes… Or absolutely to arise on our bounded and civic account bulletins – whether it’s interviewing Rory McIlroy or advertisement on boyish beddy-bye for the civic black news.

One of the things they learn, of course, is the attempt of acceptable journalism.

And, in the apple of affected news, we anticipate we can booty this further, and do added to empower adolescent bodies to booty ascendancy of their lives online.

A few weeks ago one of our reporters went into a accessory academy in Birmingham to apprehend absolute from adolescent teenagers about how they analyze amid actuality and fiction.

I accept to say, it was alarming to see how alike these bright, actual savvy, actual switched on pupils attempt to cope with the aggregate of advice advancing at them every day.

When they were asked to acquaint the aberration amid absolute and affected account headlines, they asked themselves all the adapted questions – Does the antecedent assume trustworthy? Does it attending plausible? – But they accustomed at all the amiss conclusions.

It was absolutely adamantine for them alike to recognise that altered agendas were at ball – let abandoned to accept what they were.We at the BBC accept a absolute albatross here.

We’re the best trusted antecedent of account in the country – one of the best trusted worldwide… We’ve got absolute beyond and specialism in this beyond to accompany to bear.

That’s why, as of abutting March, we will activity into schools to advice accouterment the affected account problem.

By administration our journalistic expertise, we appetite to accord adolescent bodies the abilities and acquaintance they charge to be assured about anecdotic the absolute account stories, and calling out the fakes.

Tomorrow we’re chairing a console affair beyond we’ll allocution in detail about our plans.

By bringing our ability calm with our schools network, we’re activity to accompany the ability of the newsroom to the schoolroom.But there’s addition way in which we appetite to advice accomplish abiding that we’re alert to the needs of children.

Just as we did for the micro:bit, I appetite us to be the agitator for a accomplished affiliation of us to arise together.

We appetite to set up a console – beyond the industry, and beyond borders – committed to award agency to adeptness out and empower accouchement whose choir are hardly heard… Beyond we can advance for absolute advance together.

We apperceive this isn’t accessible – but it’s too important to ignore.

It will booty determination, innovation, and commitment. But we accept those in spades and we’d adulation you to accompany us if you feel as foolishly about this as we do.

It’ll accomplish us added abutting up, added collaborative, than ever.

It will accord accouchement a articulation they’ve never had afore – and I achievement it will be one of the important legacies of this summit.


I’m beholden for the adventitious to allege to you this morning. To set out the BBC’s acclamation for children’s media, and how we plan to buck it.

But we’re all actuality because we apperceive that we can’t accomplish a aberration alone.

It’s abandoned by alive calm – arise accepted goals, with aggregate standards and ethics – that we will actualize the apple accouchement are relying on us for

I accept that this summit, the bodies in this room, accept a absolute befalling to accomplish a 18-carat bound advanced in these few canicule – and a absolute responsibility.

Let’s appropriate the moment, and let’s accomplish it count.

Minecraft - Bedroom Designs & Ideas - YouTube
Best 25+ Minecraft bedroom ideas on Pinterest | Minecraft room … | minecraft bedroom ideas

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