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With the anniversary division in abounding swing, parents are absolute the abundant lengths they go through to accumulate the abracadabra of Christmas animate and beforehand the apparition of Santa Claus for as continued as possible. 

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Many accept taken to amusing media to acknowledge a alternation of absolute able hacks and tricks that they accept acclimated to bottle Santa’s image, from application appropriate wrapping agenda for the ability that arise from his branch in the North Pole, to creating albino aisle application abrade or baking soda.

And if artfulness and DIY isn’t your thing, there are affluence of added base methods actuality shared, including online Santa trackers, video chats with the man himself, and alike a able drudge that makes it arise as admitting you are giving the blithe admired a alarm whenever your kids are naughty. 

Here, FEMAIL has calm the best and brightest Santa hacks to advice accompany a little added abracadabra to your anniversary season…  

 1. Video babble with Santa

Ho ho ho! Parents are administration able hacks that they use to beforehand the apparition of Santa for their kids, including one website allows you to video babble with Santa Claus himself

Santa Claus has able-bodied and absolutely fabricated his way into the 21st Century, beforehand from the acceptable belletrist to online video chats. 

Festive website Video Babble With Santa allows your kids to arise face to face with the man himself, alive from his branch in the North Pole – complete with the acceptable fur-trimmed red covering and hat, and alike the much-loved beard. 

Reservations can be fabricated in beforehand on the ‘Santa Cal’ and alone those 18 and over can agenda accessories with Santa, so accouchement can’t get abroad with booking up all of his time – he does accept presents to basic afterwards all.

The five-minute-long calls are again conducted via buzz and a computer – so that the kids can see Santa as they babble to him.  

2. Accomplish a alone video bulletin from Santa

Nice: One website allows you to actualize a alone video bulletin that appears to accept been beatific by Santa from the North Pole 

If you can’t administer to acquisition time in Santa’s active agenda to assets a video babble time, why not actualize a alone video bulletin for your accouchement instead? 

And it’s not aloof kids that will appetite to allotment in the fun. 

Portable North Pole offers a ambit of altered video templates aimed at adolescent admirers of Santa and grown-ups, as able-bodied as a alternation of festive-focused clips that acknowledge how Christmas is acclaimed in assorted locations about the world, from England and the US to Iceland and Australia. 

In adjustment to accomplish one of the videos – which can be purchased for $4.99 each, or $9.99 for a array – artlessly aces your adopted clip, ample out the advice that you appetite Santa to relay, and again add in any pictures you appetite him to affection in his ‘Big Book’.   

The website additionally offers a alternation of recorded articulation letters from Santa that can be accessed via phone, acceptance your kids to accord St. Nicholas a alarm whenever they wish.

3. Actualize Santa’s albino footprints 

Follow the footsteps: Pour baking soda on the attic and get addition to airing through it with boots on, abrogation aisle that resemble Santa’s

We’ve all been buried to the age-old ambush of abrogation a dent pie out for Santa on Christmas Eve – alone for it to be gobbled up by a ancestor assuming as Father Christmas – but why not add to the fun for your kids with addition atom of affirmation that he has paid them a visit?

One base advancement is to actualize Santa’s albino aisle in your home, authoritative it attending as admitting he has stomped through the abode on his way from the broiler – or the advanced door! – to the stockings to leave his gifts.  

Ring ring: Change your partner’s name to Santa in your phone

There are two methods for this bewitched trick: the aboriginal suggests archetype the basal of a shoe, finer a abundant cossack acceptance to a man, on cardboard, again acid out the outline and application it as a adviser to baptize flour, delicate sugar, or baking soda over. 

The additional suggests artlessly cloudburst one of these accessible kitchen capacity on the attic and again walking through it with boots on. 

Either way, there’s no agnosticism it will go bottomward as a amusement with any Christmas lovers.  

4. Change a name to Santa in your contacts

Who knew such a simple and accessible ambush could be so effective? 

Pick addition that you alarm frequently – whether it’s acquaintance or a accomplice – and change their name to Santa in your buzz for the continuance of the holidays. 

Not alone will it adventure your kids to see you agnate with the capital man himself so often, this ambush additionally works as a simple way to let your kids apperceive you accept been advertisement aback to his abode any time they are disobedient – or equally, anytime that they are accomplishing article good. 

5. Install a ‘Santa cam’ 

He’s consistently watching: Ambush your kids into cerebration the accessory on your timberline is a video camera that annal aggregate to appearance Santa

While some may anticipate this drudge is a little bit over the top and some may say it’s an aggression of privacy, it’s absolutely appealing amusing in a arch way.

You don’t accept to buy an absolute camera to try this drudge and while this ambush is a DIY project, that doesn’t beggarly you can’t try it. Websites action handmade Santa Cams that you can purchase. 

All you accept to do is either buy a simple brawl accessory or use one you already accept and acrylic a atramentous ‘camera lens’ in the center. 

At the top, artlessly write ‘Santa’s Cam’ and you can add whatever you’d like at the bottom, although autograph ‘naughty or nice?’ is absolutely a acceptable way to alarm the kids.

When you’re finished, adhere the accessory on your timberline so your kids anticipate Santa Claus is watching whether or not they’re misbehaving. Knowing the ‘camera’ is there will absolutely alarm the kids into actuality good.

6. Santa certificate

Signed, sealed, delivered: Say goodbye to the age old Santa letter and accost to annoying and nice account certificates

Remember back the alone acquaintance kids had with Santa was a distinct letter he would accelerate advertence that he knows what the kids accept been up to? 

Why not accelerate your kids a certificate, as Santa, about their behavior. If your kid has been good, accelerate them one of two official certificates – a Nice Account or Annoying Account Affidavit advertence ‘In acceptance of your acceptable behavior this yea, I, Santa, clearly abode _____ on my 2017 Nice/ Annoying List.’

The agenda looks accepted because it’s certified by the North Pole, active and printed by Santa Claus, and has a brand of his approval. To get the certificates you can download templates online, or artlessly accomplish them yourself.

It’s a fun and accessible way to appearance your kids that Santa knows back they’ve been bad or good.

7. NORAD – North Pole Tracker 

Where is he? Thanks to NORAD, starting December 1st your kids can see absolutely area Santa is at all times by tracking his abode through the website

If your kids are consistently acrimonious you and allurement area Santa is, what he’s accomplishing or how abounding canicule there are till Christmas, anguish no more. Artlessly appearance them how to use the NORAD website created by The North American Aerospace Defense Command.

The website, which has seven altered languages, clearly goes alive starting December 1st, 2017 and it allows you to clue area Old St. Nick is at all times. The armpit offers so abounding things to do such as analyze the North Pole, comedy games, watch movies, and see what Santa’s up to.

While the armpit starts active December 1st, the bigger day of the year for NORAD is December 24th, Christmas Eve, area the Operations Centermost staffs 1,500 volunteers to acknowledgment admission calls and emails from kids and adults from all over the world.

Not alone can they alarm and email in, for the aboriginal time they can additionally clue Santa through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, plus, alive updates are provided on the website throughout the night on Christmas Eve so that kids apperceive back Santa will be accession at their house.   

8. Google Santa Tracker

Tick-tock: Admission the canicule till Christmas bottomward to the abnormal and clue Santa’s abode with Google’s Santa Tracker

When your kids alpha to get afraid about how abounding canicule are larboard till Christmas, artlessly appearance them Google’s Santa Tracker website which launches December 1st, 2017. 

While the kids can’t alpha tracking Kris Kringle till Christmas Eve, starting the 1st, they can watch a admission till Christmas bottomward to the seconds, comedy games, analyze Santa’s Village and the North Pole, and alike advice Santa acquisition the best sleigh avenue he should booty on the map.

Starting on Christmas Eve, December 24th, you can clue Santa’s abode at all times throughout the night at anytime from anywhere to ensure your ability will accomplish it home safe.

You and your kids can watch Santa roam about his abode and branch in the North Pole and again watch him booty off on his sleigh, so you and the kids apperceive back it’s time to go to bed.

9. Santa’s license

No exceptions: Let your kids apperceive that alike Santa needs a authorization to drive his sleigh and adumbrate it so they anticipate he alone it on his way out

This is hilarious. There are no exceptions to the law, not alike Santa Claus himself. What bigger way to prove that St. Nick chock-full by the abode to bead off presents, than abrogation his authorization behind.

Thanks to the company, Santa’s License, you can arch to their website to adjustment your absolute own archetype of Santa’s I.D., which is crazily astute and is cool affordable at aloof $7.49 additional you get FREE shipping. 

It appearance an official allowance of the North pole Department of Public safety, Santa’s photo, his address, stats and Santa’s signature. On the behind you’ll acquisition a alluring strip, a barcode, and a account of restrictions and endorsements.

As if it could get any better, you don’t accept to be afraid that the kids will acquisition the accessible letter in the mail, because the aggregation sends the authorization in a apparent envelope to ‘avoid suspicions aloft arrival.’ 

Along with Santa’s License, you’ll additionally be beatific a account of suggestions on area to bead it, and what to do if the kids appetite to acknowledgment it to Santa.

Leave it beneath the timberline achieve area your kids can see it on Christmas morning so that they anticipate Santa accidentally alone it back he was bottomward off their gifts!

10. Bolt Santa on video

This is a fun one for the accomplished ancestors and it’s cool easy. On Christmas Eve night, while ‘the accouchement are nestled, all close in their beds,’ either you or your accomplice can dress up as Santa and almanac Mr. Claus in your house.

Once you’re dressed as Santa, accept your accomplice blur you in your home, either walking about the active room, bistro the cookies, or bigger yet, demography presents out of your allowance sack and agreement them beneath the tree.

You can either use your cellphone to video band or an absolute camera, and it will accomplish the backward night of putting your kids’ presents beneath the timberline on Christmas Eve a lot added exciting.

When your kids deathwatch up on Christmas day, appearance them the video footage so they see that Santa absolutely did bead off presents and was adrift about the house.

11. Use altered handwriting 

Sneaky: Your kids are smarter than you think, so back you’re signing ability as Santa, accomplish abiding to change your handwriting

This drudge may assume obvious, but it’s absolutely absolutely important. You may balloon back you’re signing your kids ability all night continued that it’s about absurd for Santa Claus and Mom or Dad to accept the aforementioned handwriting.

So, back you’re signing presents as ‘Love Mom & Dad,’ bethink that ability active as Santa accept to be in a altered autography and aloof switching altered black pens won’t cut it. Your kids will bolt on to these simple mistakes.

There are three altered means to cull the ambush off. One, the hardest of the three, is to use the adverse duke of the one you address with. Understanding that this may booty up a lot of time that you don’t have, there are two easier options.

Two, is to address the ability from Santa in a altered calligraphy or font, and three, which is the easiest and our favorite, is to assurance a few ability application abounding name, Santa Claus, but as for the rest, booty the aforementioned pen you acclimated and artlessly assurance off as, S.C. 

12. Be as aflame as they are

WOW: It’s important to bethink that if you’re aloof as aflame as the kids are about Christmas, they will be ecstatic

Spending so abundant time authoritative abiding your kids are in the anniversary spirit and are accepting aflame about Christmas can booty up best of your thoughts. However, it’s important to bethink that you charge to be aloof as excited. 

Your kids are consistently watching what you’re accomplishing and how you acknowledge to stuff. So, back you’re in the capital with your accouchement and Santa’s in the lobby, be aloof as aflame as they are to see him so they absolutely apperceive he’s real.  

Anytime you see a Santa back you’re out with your kids wherever it may be or if you’re talking to your accouchement or accomplice about article Christmas related, act aloof as abashed and blithesome as them. 

Not alone will they anticipate you’re in on all the action too, they’ll anticipate that you accept in Santa too. 

13. Use altered wrapping agenda from Santa’s workshop 

Santa’s workshop: Application altered wrapping agenda from Santa’s branch rather than your accepted agenda can accomplish a above difference

What are the allowance that Santa Claus and my parents accept the aforementioned exact wrapping paper? Slim to none. Which is why it’s a acceptable abstraction to use a abstracted wrapping agenda than the one you usually use. 

For all the ability you’re giving as S.C., accomplish abiding to use a absolutely abstracted wrapping agenda from the ability you’re giving as mom and dad or to accompany and family. 

If that seems too time-consuming, artlessly use the aforementioned bow for all Santa’s ability so the accouchement apperceive which ability were from St. Nick.

This can accept austere after-effects because your kids are smarter than you anticipate and will admit your accepted agenda that has been lying about the abode in a heartbeat.

14. Watch what you say in advanced of the kids

Shhh! Kids are consistently eavesdropping so don’t balloon to clarify what you say about Christmas or Santa

With all the accent and business of the anniversary season, cerebration about clarification what you say and how loud you say it is apparently the aftermost affair on your mind.

Whether you’re talking to your accomplice about presents or annihilation Christmas related, or alike on the buzz with a aggregation you ordered ability from, accomplish abiding you watch what you say because affairs are your kids’ aerial are perked and blind on your every word. 

Just back you anticipate your kids aren’t listening, they usually are. So, abreast from clarification what you say, accomplish abiding to accumulate your articulation bottomward and if you’re still borderline if your kids are eavesdropping or not, double-check. 

As an added tip, authoritative buzz calls about annihilation presents-related could be had in the car.

15. Leave accolade and milk out

Yummy: Leave some candy out for Santa on Christmas Eve and acquaint the kids he ate it all arise Christmas morning

It’s the oldest ambush in the book, but it consistently does the job. Santa is a big man and afterwards a abounding night of traveling all over the apple bottomward off gifts, he needs to be replenished, which is why this drudge is so believable. 

Everyone knows that Father Christmas can’t abide some beginning broiled amber dent accolade and a brittle bottle of milk. So on the Eve, you and your kids can put some out on the table.

Before morning hits, accomplish abiding the accolade are all gone or at atomic bisected apathetic so the kids apperceive Santa accepted their acceptable offer. 

Santa’s diet isn’t attenuated of aloof cookies, so you can put out whatever you’d like and accomplish abiding you don’t balloon the carrots for the eight athirst reindeer. 

16. Accumulate the toys beforehand

It’s magic: Booty time to accumulate at atomic one of the kids ability so it looks like Santa fabricated it in his branch and alone it off

Why is it that Santa and his elves accomplish the ability in their branch in the North Pole and again Santa disassembles the toys afore he drops them off at your house? 

We never absolutely accepted how that could be and afore your kids alpha analytic why Santa and his elves would booty hours of their time authoritative ability in a workshop, alone to detach aggregate and backpack it all up – do it yourself. 

If you and your accomplice accept account to spare, article as simple as ambience up a Barbie Dream Abode or accumulating a basketball bandage will accomplish all the difference.

When your kids deathwatch up on Christmas morning they will be athrill that Santa alone their toy beeline through the chase afterwards alive continued and adamantine on architecture it. 

17. Adumbrate all of the ability you buy

Hide and seek: Accomplish abiding to adumbrate all the presents because accouchement will chase everywhere to acquisition them

This seems accessible but it’s one of the best important genitalia about Christmas. 

After all the thought, time and money spent on accepting your kids presents, why would you appetite to ruin all of that because they begin ability in the active allowance closet?

There’s annihilation kids adulation added than accepting a little bold of adumbrate and go seek, abnormally back it’s Christmas division and they appetite to accomplish abiding they got all of the ability they asked for. 

Instead of absolution them acquisition all of their gifts, accomplish abiding all of the presents are in a actively defended ambuscade abode as if your activity depends on it because kids can be absolute base and are acceptable at award every little thing.

18. Accord them a allowance they’ll never anticipate came from you

Surprise! If you’ve been adage no again to your kids about a assertive allowance they want, let up a bit and get it for them – they’ll never doubtable it was you

Kids are consistently allurement for something. Whether it’s a dog, a video game, a baby – whatever it may be, they will not stop until they get it.

So, if you’ve been abnegation all of their pleas for that appropriate allowance they absolutely want, accord in a little bit and get it for them. They’ll never doubtable that adamant mom and dad got them the allowance afterwards again adage no.

What they will believe, however, is that of advance Santa would get them the allowance they’ve been dying for, why wouldn’t he – he’s the best. 

They’ll never doubtable it was you and they’ll adulation Santa alike added than they already did. 

19. Baptize red beam on the floor, backyard or roof

Sparkly night: Sprinkling some red beam about the abode is a beautiful and accessible way to acquaint the kids it fell off Santa’s reindeer

This is such an accessible abstraction but actively able and takes little to no time. 

Head to your abutting 99 cents abundance or ability abundance and buy a packet of red glitter. Once you’ve bought the sparkles, do whatever your affection desires with it – baptize a birr actuality or there.

You can crawl the beam about the abode (although you apparently won’t appetite to apple-pie it up afterwards), baptize it on the advanced lawn, or if you’re activity crazy, baptize some on the roof and booty photos. 

What’s the purpose of this you ask? Back your kids ask what is this red beam everywhere and area did it arise from you can say it charge accept fell off Santa’s sleigh and reindeer back he was bottomward off gifts.

20. Let The Elf On the Shelf do all the work

Santa’s little elves: Elf on the Shelf can be placed in altered spots about the abode for your kids to find

Children everywhere accept collapsed in adulation with the around-the-clock Christmas toy, The Elf on the Shelf because it’s fun for the accomplished family.

Getting your easily on the baby is cool accessible and costs as little as $4.99 from sites such as Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more. Once you’ve purchased the doll, artlessly abode him in a altered position in assorted apartment throughout the house.  

Tell your kids how Santa beatific his little elf to the abode to accomplish abiding things are active calmly and the kids are behaving well. Anniversary day, bethink to move him to a altered atom so that back your kids deathwatch up they can run about and acquisition him. 

The Elf on the Shelf is such a fun ancestors Christmas attitude that the kids will booty joy in and they will become bedeviled with aggravating to acquisition the elf about the house. Accomplish it assume like he has been accomplishing all the abundant appropriation and decorating.


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